Author: The plant masters
Title Of Article: "which seed will grow faster in sand [sunflower, radish, or corn"
Title Of Link: planting science

Plant Masters Said

There was a website that I went to called plant masters and they were testing if a sunflower, radish, or corn seed would grow the healthiest in sand. The corn grew the best, the radish didn't even grow, and the sunflower grew but you had to water it every day. If you read the home page SCIENCE you would know that I am testing if a sunflower grows better in sand or soil. So now I know that the sunflower will only grow in sand if you water it every day. Thanks to plant masters!!!!!!!!!


My hypothesis is that the sand will work better, but I don't know I think they are both good. But now that the world has better soil the soil might be better. Go to my blog to tell me what you think.